Dear reader,

Welcome to your Daring Journal.
Sometimes it may be hard to verbalise your thoughts out loud. When I was growing up I couldn’t express how I was feeling, what was eating away at me, what I loved and everything in between. That was when I turned to journal writing as my outlet. It helped me release my thoughts, listen to what I needed to, and discover who I was.

That’s the very reason why I’ve written My Daring Journal—for you to use as a guide for your own expression and self-discovery.

This is your journal—a safe place where you can write, draw, learn, and be inspired. You are the author of your Daring Journal and only you have the answers.

You’ve got this and I believe in you.

With love,
Jenna Lee

My Daring Journal is broken up into the following sections:
+ After each week (7 days), you will find a quote, worksheet, and weekly overview

+Twenty-Eight daily journal prompts
+ After Twenty-Eight days, there will be a quote, worksheet and four week overview

+ Six month's worth 

Book Includes:

My Daring Journal

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