I remember doing things I regretted just to be cool, following the crowd to fit in and not feeling strong enough to say no and go my own way, but it got to a point when I knew I couldn’t keep living like that. A little voice inside told me that I needed to follow my own path.  

Life as a teenager is difficult even under the best circumstances.  Academic stress, social anxiety, and peer pressure are tough enough, but sometimes those challenges can be so overwhelming that they lead to self-destructive behaviour that can snowball until it can be hard to see a way out of all this heartache.


Daring Journey is a collection of short stories written specifically for this time in your life. Each story ends with a love letter to your teenage self from someone who’s endured similar difficulties.


Join Jenna Lee as she guides you down the path of self-discovery while offering tips and advice on how to overcome your challenges. And most of all, the understanding that you’re not alone. If you’re ready to embrace your unique self, Daring Journey will show you the way.

+ Short stories based around an issue that a teen is going through

+ Practical, fun worksheets, advice and actionable steps based around these issues

+ Inspiring quotes

+ 'Love letters to my teenage self' from contributors who have gone through similar struggles

This book is filled with real-life stories, practical learning, and prompted activities that let you discover who you are.

+ Daring Journey does cover some heavy topics that may cause trigger warnings if you are or have gone through something similar. It's recommended for ages 16+, this book can


Book Includes:

"A moving collection of short stories, personal letters and really practical preventative insights and activities for any teen going through some challenging times. You'll feel heard and held here as you go on your own daring journey."

Amanda Rootsey, Youth Mentor, Coach and Author of

Shine from Within; a teen girl's guide to life.

"I gifted my daughter with the Daring Journey book. She took it to her counsellor and she loves it. They are going to use some of it during her sessions. I just wanted you to know how thankful she is and so am I."

Reader of Daring Journey


"I really enjoyed reading your book and I'm handing it around to my friends. Thanks for the inspiration."

Reader of Daring Journey


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