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The Silvia Saga

Paranormal Fantasy, Fantasy 


A tattoo appears and a destiny unfolds. 

Dara is a normal woman, living a normal life, as she approaches her 25th birthday. 

Though her vivid dreams and wild imagination often take her on adventures of her mind.

She never expected that one day she would be roped into a plot of madness and magic by four gorgeous, amazing, pain in the arse guys who come stomping into her life and change everything. 

They reveal her destiny; her purpose to travel to a vibrant world of green grass and giant, colorful trees where the people of this world live. 

Here, she will train to become so much more than ordinary human Dara, trying to save this world from a king with an evil hold and follow her heart, wherever it leads her.

Paranormal Fantasy, Fantasy 


The world of magic is beautiful and enchanting, but there is darkness here too. 

Dara has been to hell and back trying to discover her destiny. Thrown into a world she didn’t know she belonged to, she’s completed the first task of claiming Emerald, but lost someone she cares about in the process. 

She finds her thoughts divided between finding the second stone—Topaz—and rescuing one of her warriors who was captured in battle. More now than ever, she’s determined to put her power-hungry uncle and his plans for complete domination down once and for all. 

Intensifying relationships with her other three warriors test her as they prepare for their most important mission yet. The one thing they don’t count on is their enemy becoming stronger than ever before.


Paranormal Fantasy, Fantasy 


It takes courage to stand tall and embrace your destiny.

Dara and her warriors have faced evil at every turn, and all attempts at reclaiming what’s rightfully hers have been met with unwavering resistance from her uncle.


With Emerald and Topaz claimed, Dara enters her hardest battle yet as she searches for Ruby, the last stone in their quest to overthrow her uncle and restore Silvia to its original beauty.


Does Dara have the inner strength to trust her instincts, and the courage to overcome everything she’s been through? Or will her uncle defeat her once and for all?  


Urban Fantasy, Paranormal 


Cauldron Of Ash

She never considered herself a killer, but sometimes a witch doesn’t have a choice.

The night Reagan Dakana discovered her new mysterious powers was a night that forever changed her life. Not only did she accidentally turn her cousin into a pile of ash, but the mishap also got Reagan landed in a secluded correctional school for delinquent magical beings.

Meeting the mysterious Killian doesn’t make things any better. Sure, he’s nice to look at and gives her feelings she’s never felt before, but Killian’s connection with a dark force could literally be Reagan’s undoing.

When Killian’s dark master learns of Reagan’s special powers, Reagan becomes a target. And soon she must decide: kill or be killed.

lone survivor2.jpg

Sci Fi, Urban Fantasy


Lone Survivor

Sadie was created in a lab - an experiment that scientists were supposed to get rid of on her eighteenth birthday. But a fire breaks out and she’s the only survivor. Or is she? Now, she’s tracking other misfits like her before the secret government agency that created her can track them all down for themselves.

i am broken cover NEW.JPG

YA, Coming of Age

I Am Broken - I Am Okay Series


I am broken.
Sophie only ever wanted to fit in. One drink, one lie, one big mistake sets her on a path she couldn’t turn back from.

I am hurt.
When someone she loves dies, Sophie suffers. Loneliness grips her heart, her soul, and alcohol is the only friend she can turn to.

I am lost.
Sophie’s life is a mess and all she wants is to have friends. She does everything she can to fit in even if it means losing herself in the process.

I am scared.
Rock bottom is a scary place to be, and when Leo offers her a lifeline, Sophie says yes. But will she be strong enough to fight against demons that have plagued her for so long?
Sophie just wants to be okay … but will she?

Self Help, Coming Of Age, Non Fiction


Life as a teenage girl is difficult even under the best circumstances. Academic stress, social anxiety, and peer pressure are tough enough. But sometimes these challenges can be so overwhelming that they lead to self-destructive behaviour, substance abuse, eating disorders, and other problems. Daring Journey is a collection of short stories written specifically for these challenges. Each story ends with a love letter to your teenager self from someone who endured the same difficulties as a teenager. 

Join Jenna Lee as she guides you down the path of self-discovery while offering you tips and advice on how to overcome your challenges. And most of all, understanding that you’re not alone. If you’re ready to embrace your unique self, Daring Journey will show you the way.