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How to create a loving morning practice

Morning routines are key to setting up your day for success. Not only physically but most importantly mentally. When we first wake in the morning there is an overwhelming amount of thoughts that pop into our mind, from what we have to today to things that happened yesterday. Sometimes it can be quite overwhelming.

Today I am sharing with you my morning routine and how you can create your very own that will change your day.

My morning practice

When I wake in the mornings I head straight for my office, and sit down in my meditation corner. A space that I have created to do my mediation, journaling and card readings.

It’s so beneficial to create a space that’s just for you, a safe space where you can do your journaling and meditations without any distractions. This can be created in your bedroom, office or any room in your home. All you need is yourself, a comfortable cushion and a journal to write in.

I settle in by picking a guided meditation from the app Insight Timer. Then I grab my journal, I am loving using my own creation My Daring Journal I don’t mean to self-plug here but it’s my absolute favourite. Having the prompted questions really helps me by getting the thoughts out of my mind, sometimes what I write surprises me and having the prompts brings them out.

While listening to my meditation I write out a day in my journal, responding to the questions. I’ll then finish off my meditation giving it my full attention, the meditations I normally listen to have self-love talking at the start then get into breathing at the end.

I’ll then do a tarot and oracle reading for myself. My favourite deck at the moment is The Moonchild Tarot, I am a sucker for pretty looking cards. This deck really draws me in and I love using it in my morning practice. Majority of the time I will ask the deck what I need to focus on today and draw a card. I will write down in my journal the cards that I draw, I like doing this because the next morning I will look back to reflect.  

Lately I have been adding in some water colour painting to my practice, as a way to release and express myself. I’ll paint then draw over the painting with some affirmations for my day ahead.

I finish off my morning practice with some loving words to myself in front of the mirror. Sometimes I will have a little dance, depending on what I need in that moment. I then go into my day feeling ready and grounded with myself.

So, there you have it my morning practice. I encourage you to find a morning routine that works for you. You can take inspiration from my practice but remembering that you have to listen to what works best for you. You’ll create your own unique practice that best serves you.

Today I will leave you with some journal prompts to write into your journal, taken from My Daring Journal.


Daring Journal

Daring Morning

I feel

My word for today is

What was the best thing about yesterday? And can I do more of it today?

Daring Journal

What brings me peace?

What am I passionate about?

It’s time to let it all out—what’s on my mind? What am I worried about? How am I feeling?


With love,

Jenna Lee


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