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Journal with Jenna Lee - Week One

It's time to Journal with Jenna Lee!

I am so excited to do some journaling with you today. It's time to grab your favourite journal, a comfy pen to write with and find a space that you will have no interruptions (in your bedroom, office or outside).

Take a deep breath in and out through your mouth.

Write down these prompts in your journal and your responses to these questions. Remember there is no right or wrong answer, just let the thoughts flow out from you.


My Daring Journal

Day One

Daring Morning

I feel

My word for today is

What was the best thing about yesterday? And can I do more of it today?


Daring Journal

What am I thankful for?

What advice should I give myself right now?

It’s time to let it all out—what’s on my mind? What am I worried about? How am I feeling?

Journal prompts taken from My Daring Journal available at


Thank you for journaling with me today and I can't wait to do it all again next week.


You are the author of your story and you have the pen to change it.

- My Daring Journal


With love,

Jenna Lee


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