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Benefits of Reading

Naturally being a writer, I absolutely love reading. Escaping into another world definitely creates a sense of adventure for me. There are many benefits of reading and today I wanted to share some of my favourites.


Escaping Reality

Who doesn’t love escaping reality, even for a little moment? Life can get really overwhelming at times, with stress, mile-long to-do lists, interruptions and life changes. When we read a good book we get taken away into another world and dimension. Our imagination creates the world based on the words that we read. All of the worries from the day disappear and we step into another reality.


Reduces Stress and Overwhelm

By reading, going into another world this reduces our stress by replacing it with a happy story. It takes us away from what we need to do, gives us time and space to be somewhere else. All the worries from your day will disappear as you get stuck into a good book. You’ll be transported into the characters mind and experience everything that they go through. That’s the best thing about a great story, the power it has to literally take you away from your life and step into somebody else’s.



Let’s face it most of what we learn, we learn from a book. No matter if it’s fiction or non-fiction, we still take little bits of information and use it in our lives. That’s the power behind books, how it can not only take us away but be educational at the same time. The more knowledge we have in our lives the more we will grow.


Improves Writing Skills

Every great writer is a heavy reader. It’s how we learn as writers, how we grow and further develop our writing skills. By reading well-written books, we learn from the way the author’s written, their style and how we can better improve our own writing.  It also can create aspiring authors who want to write and tell their own story.


See, I told you there were many benefits and this is only scratching the surface. So what are you waiting for grab a book, kick back and escape reality.


With love,

Jenna Lee


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