I'm Jenna,

USA Today Bestselling Author, Creator and Mentor. Most days you can find me writing out the stories that take over my mind, supporting my friends, creating or designing.

I am mostly known for being a go-getter, a book worm and passionate human who loves nature, all things creative and using my experience to empower other aspiring writers and creatives to bring their light to the world. 

Through my own personal journey of overcoming bullying and self discovery to go on to become a published author and successful business owner. I aim to be an example to inspire other writers, creatives and young people to be who they want to be because I believe they can be anything they want if they put their minds to it. 

I remember doing things I regretted just to be cool, following the crowd just to fit in and not feeling strong enough to say no and go my own way but it got to a point when I knew I couldn’t keep living like this and I had a little voice inside that told me I was made for bigger and better things. That I would help shape the world in some way.

Daring Journey - Teenagers Guide to being Unapologetically You

At the age of 20 (6 years ago) I started my own successful small business ‘Jlee’ making screen printed homewares and accessories and wrote my very first book that went on to become #1 Bestseller on Amazon in it’s first week of release.
Emerald - The Silvia Saga Book One

The writing industry isn’t for the faint hearted. I have learned a lot after releasing my first book and even though I sometimes still let the negative self talk in I am learning to focus on the positive, do what I love and giving it my all and my mission is to support you to be true to yourself, write what you love and confidently sharing that with the world.



With love,
Jenna Lee